“Hey I am pregnant- full of joy for sure but
there is So Much I want to know and ask”

Is This Your Pregnancy Story Too???
Are You Also Going Through The Same Dilemma???
An endless list of suggestions from family and friends
(most of which contradict each other)....

Yet More

Endless surfing the websites, buying books, posting queries online
(which takes days to get a reply – a rather ineffective reply);
spending MORE dollars in consulting a doctor for every little thing......
Not Just You, but every pregnant lady goes through these same set of confusions... Unfortunately- Only Few are able to find the right way to deal with them.

And More Unfortunate- Many women waste their precious time and money looking out for a Solution, thus ending in stress (which is
definitely not what you need right now!). .

These are probably the most pleasantly life altering words that you are going to
say in your life.

Your life, body, perspective, priorities, needs, emotions and so on, is all going to change. There is much to experience and even more to learn. Therefore, we guide you at each step and at each confusion to make your pregnancy a memorable journey.

For all those of you who think
'I want a SOLUTION'
You are at the RIGHT PLACE!.

Dear Moms-To-Be

Your life, body, perspective, priorities, needs, emotions and so on, are all going to change. You Have Much To Experience and Even More To Learn.

No Second Thoughts About It
- Pregnancy comes with issues which can be worrisome; be it complications, cramps, emotional changes, physical changes or something similar...

Often lack of knowledge ends in the Repentance Period, wherein many feel- they missed out on having prevented stretch marks or excessive weight gain or even worst - a Miscarriage.

For years together, we have witnessed many pregnant mommies searching for answers, information and details about their experiences, their pregnancy and their baby.

We Understand You Better...
We realize that it often becomes difficult to ask embarrassing queries from your friends or go all the way to the doctor for the same, which may lead to tragic results. Ignorance and lack of awareness during pregnancy can affect you and your little one and can cause permanent damage. Therefore, it becomes extremely important for you, to know all facts and details about your pregnancy. And WHO ELSE BUT WE understand this better.

We know, this is the time when you should have all the information just sitting back at home; and without spending the BIG dollars...

We are aware how, each occurring symptom raises doubts and stress related to the extent of normalcy of each changing situation. And, this is something which would -for sure- affect your child’s growth.

We agree that at all points of time, there are doubts about the authenticity of data because we know it is not easy to follow (especially when its about your little one) any random piece of information which is listed somewhere.

Do Not Panic...
Like every Mom-to-be, you too are excited to welcome your toddler in your life. The BEST PART is when you break the news to your loved ones and their happiness makes you want to jump with joy.

And Then.. one of your aunts asks you at your baby shower, “Hey Polly, so how did your gestational diabetes test come out?” And you are totally clueless and secretly wish you could ask “Mmmm... What did you just say?”

Its Okay... Nobody learned the dictionary on pregnancy before they really got pregnant. But, many women surely did miss out on a lot of information which could have smoothed their pregnancy ride.

Looking for someone to help you deal with your Pregnancy Issues???
This is exactly where we virtually hold your hand until your baby is in your arms
. We know what you are going through and we understand what you need.

We have therefore compiled each of the reason and answer for each change that you are or will be experiencing in the coming months, in our online guide “Pregnancy Weekly Plan”.

Leave All Your Worries To Us...
We bring to your door a Team Of Medical Experts, Obstetricians and Renowned Gynecologists, who have contributed effectively to finding the solution to every single problem popping in your mind in our " Pregnancy Weekly Plan". This guide entails answers to YOUR every problem, every question and every fear, in accordance with the time of occurrence of each event or difficulty. This online resource compiles the weekly development of your child and your pregnancy.

STOP!!! Now, stop investing your valuable time in locating the answer for each of your doubts. Forget your worries and leave them to us. Just Concentrate on planning how to Welcome Your ANGEL in your life.

Our Resource - Bye To Worries...
We have brought forward the experience and knowledge of our Medical Experts, Renowned Obstetricians and Gynecologists, extensive surveys from many mothers and mothers-to-be, and innovation in our much-wanted online resource “The Pregnancy Weekly Plan”.

Our Valuable and One-Of-Its-Kinds resource assures you the best support, guidance and care that you need to enjoy a memorable pregnancy journey...

This guide gives you the questions, while also answering the same. Yet, if there are any queries left, we happily respond to them as well.

You will also get to know the queries, experiences, and the entire journey of pregnancy of other women to you to help you understand, share and ease the phase you are going through.

"Our achievement is when one more member delivers her healthy baby"

Funny Part.....
You all out there must be pretty aware that the required information is listed on several websites. BUT, the point is - Do you really get “there” in time?

The funny part of pregnancy is – Majority of women out there do not even know where to look for. The even funnier part – They have absolutely no idea what exactly are they looking for? So what are you still waiting for.....

Welcome to the Happy World of "The Pregnancy Weekly Plan"

Undoubtedly, pregnancy is the biggest landmark in your life. Each day of this period is memory in formation. By being up to date with the weekly development of your child and your body, you get to free yourself from the anxiety during pregnancy and thoroughly enjoy the magical experience.

- Helping You Cherish Your Pregnancy

We know - You are curious, anxious and excited to know many things which may seem to be unending and complicated right now.

Yet, you need and want to grab each and every single minute detail, which concerns your lil one. Understanding this dilemma of all the mothers-to-be, we have compiled every inch to inch detail of what you should know, to easy your pregnancy ride. We help you deal with each and every aspect of pregnancy ensuring to make it a blissful experience for you!!! .

- Extensive Information

This online journal is your gateway to extensive information, carefully encompassing all the pregnancy related issues. This journal is compiled in a way that it would serve to be your Pregnancy encyclopedia, wherein you shall get details on issues like stretch marks; pregnancy diet; healthy tips; gestational diabetes and ways to deal with it; cord blood banking and its use; caffeine products and their long term effects; how to have a healthy baby; body piercing during pregnancy; and like. .. And you do not say - Oh Crap! No One Ever Told Me About This!

- Access to Authentic Information
There is already an Online Information Overload, which might lead you astray. In such circumstances, it becomes INCREASINGLY IMPORTANT to lay hands on such information, which is authentic and in accordance with the appropriate time. This online guide is the combined effort of the expert guidance from our team of Doctors and Researchers. Years of expertise and research have gone behind the making of this VERY USEFUL information resource. You can Simply Say – 'This guide is the residual product of the knowledge of the Experts, laid in black and white'.

- Right Knowledge At The Right Time
Simple access to a wide-pool of knowledge can be TRICKY! Learning something in the 3rd month of your pregnancy, which you should have known in the very 1st month, you might MISS OUT on some vital information about your child or miss some MUST-PERFORM TESTS. No Worries Anymore!
Our motto is not just Authentic Information, but also - Right Information at Right Time. You get to know each detail exactly what & when it is required.

- Share And Support
We also bring for you the experiences of other mothers-to-be, as sharing of doubts, fears and emotions will provide you with reassurance and support you during this remarkable period. You get to freely discuss your views and opinions making your experience more interactive. So you Learn, Clarify your Doubts and Discuss with other Moms.

- Reducing your need to Visit your Doctor
PregnancyWeeklyPlan covers all the sections of pregnancy, much in detail (More than what you would have expected). Thus, no more of exerting yourself at each single visit to the doctor, or feeling embarrassed while shooting a set of incoherent questions. This guide is your complete access to your Doctor-In-Mail. Either ask the guide, or ask us.

Why to use Pregnancy Weekly Plan Guide?
  • Direct access to your pregnancy mentor
  • Helps you Get closer to your child
  • Makes you aware of your pregnancy
  • Answer each of your doubt
  • Provides handy tips to deal with complications
  • Helps you avoid any harm to you or your child
  • Helps you deal with pregnancy in a better way
  • Disseminates knowledge about baby's weekly growth and development
  • Imparts better understanding of changes

In our “Pregnancy Weekly Plan” we provide you with vital information about:

Your Baby's Growth
02) Your Body
03) Emotional Changes you experience
04) Physical Changes you undergo
05) Size of the Baby
06) Twin Tips
07) Reader's Share
08) Tips for Dad-to-be
09) Member Queries
10) Tip of the Week - for a health you
11) Pregnancy Humor – u laugh nd your baby laughs too.

Additionally, we shall also be providing for you an easy access to other topics of interest including:

Month 1
  • Week 1-4
  • Pregnancy signs and symptoms
  • Pregnancy dos and don't s
  • Pregnancy diet
  • Common Myths
  • What to ask your doctor?
  • Choosing an Obstetrician
  • Understand Heat and fertility
  • What is Fertility diet
  • Helping you quit caffeine
  • Common Vaccinations
Month 2
  • Week 5-8
  • Natural Weight gain
  • Tips to avoid excess weight gain
  • Breast Changes
  • Exercises for this stage
  • Complications you would Encounter
  • Various Pregnancy Tests
  • Dealing with Constipation
  • Backaches (prevention and treatment)
  • Dos and don't s of taking medicines
  • Effect of Posture during pregnancy
  • Dealing with morning sickness
Month 3
  • Week 9-12
  • Is Traveling safe?
  • Exercises for this stage
  • Effects of Exercises
  • All about Miscarriages
  • Tips for Working Women
  • CPR classes
  • Things you Must Know if you are a Vegetarian
  • Tips to Treat Nipple Soreness
  • Curing illnesses during pregnancy
  • Yes and No Foods
Month 4
  • Week 13-16
  • Power of Yoga, massage, Hot Showers and Aromatherapy
  • Proper Pregnancy Pillow
  • Maternity Clothes and their importance
  • Know Gestational diabetes
  • Natural Ways to Reduce Congestion
  • Home care for Healthy Gums
  • Methods to reduce Yeast Infections
Month 5
  • Week 17-20
  • Check the Movement of the Baby
  • Dealing with excess Bed Rest
  • Automobile Restraints
  • Dealing with Sciatica Nerve Pain
  • Cleaning Products and their Effects
  • How to Involve children
  • Deal with Round Ligament Pain
  • Common Pregnancy Fears
Month 6
  • Week 21-24
  • Ways to Avoid a Cesarean Delivery
  • Are They Safe -Body Piercing and tattoos
  • What is ICP (Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy)
  • You might have to take NST (Non Stress Test)
  • Ways for Recreation
  • Tips to Relieve Leg and Foot Cramps
  • Tips to ease Carpal tunnel discomfort
Month 7
  • Week 25-59
  • Natural Labor Inducers
  • Ways to Reduce Premature Labor
  • 3 Signs of Premature Labor
  • Premature Labor
  • Can I have a Planned Cesarean
  • Guide to Labor and Birth
  • Packing your Labor Bag
  • Pain Relief during Labor
  • Umbilical Cord Care
  • What is Cord Blood Banking
  • How to Boost Breathing in third trimester
  • Can I Have Sex?
  • Know what is High Risk Pregnancy
Month 8
  • Week 30-35
  • What are Braxton Hicks Contractions
  • Managing Pain during Childbirth
  • How to Practice Contractions
  • Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC)
  • Dealing with dry skin and itching
  • Pelvic Exercises for a pain-less delivery
  • Pregnancy Amnesia
  • Ways to boost a Natural Delivery
  • Reasons for Cesarean Birth
  • 7 ways for a Memorable Cesarean Delivery
Month 9
  • Week 36-40
  • Talking to your Baby
  • Ways to help Labor Progress
  • Signs that Labor is Near
  • Labor Tips for Dad
  • Stages of Labor, pushing pointers
  • Birthing Positions
  • Labor and delivery
  • Delayed Labor- don't worry
  • Dealing with Postpartum Depression
  • Postpartum life and body
  • Tips for Post Pregnancy Weight Loss
And MUCH MUCH MORE on your way, including:
  • Breech Babies
  • Narcotic Pain Relievers
  • Epidurals
  • Understand & Deal with Problems in 3rd trimester
  • Tips to Reduce Swelling
  • Skin changes and Pregnancy glow
  • Varicose Veins
  • Significance of staying nourished during labor
  • Pre-eclampsia
  • What are Nesting Instincts
  • Dealing with Fluid Accumulation
  • Take Protein Benefits
  • Choosing a Professional Labor Assistant
  • How To Tell labor is beginning
  • Should your children accompany during labor?
  • All about Labor and Delivery
  • Dealing with Afterpains.

How to use this guide?
  • Once you have signed in, by filling the Sign-Up Form, and the subscription charges have been received by us; you will receive the 1st week's module, within a few hours.
  • This guide is to be used as a comprehensive piece of information. Yet Do Not hesitate to consult a doctor in case of even the slightest of complications.
  • We’ll take you through your pregnancy step-by-step, one week at a time, and tell you what happens to your body and how to deal with the changes you experience.
  • Each week's development has been set in a carefully designed format to facilitate your understanding of your baby and your pregnancy. We will show you what and how often to eat; how to safely exercise; and how to take care of your body during this critical time.
  • Plan your eating schedule according to the tips provided.
  • The most sought after topics shall be covered again, at the end of each module, for a review.
  • We have designed it in a user friendly manner sans any complications, using easy to understand terms.
  • Find great reassurance in this volume’s carefully vetted facts
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2) What is a Fertility diet?
3) Helping you quit caffeine
4) Know about Heat and fertility
5) Early Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy
6) Proper Pregnancy Diet
7) Vaccinations for this time
8) Common Myths
9) What to Ask your Doctor?
10) When Choosing an Obstetrician...
11) Vaccinations

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Will you actually provide information on all the listed topics? Yes and much more. Each of the topics listed above,will be elaborately discussed for your better understanding. This program has been specially made on the basis of various suggestions, queries and inputs from other expectant mothers along with our experts' knowledge and experience, to understand each of your doubts.

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Jamie and Steven B. Henderson
Thanks for my healthy Andrew. Firstly, it not easy to earn trust, especially from a skeptical New Yorker. But, hats off to your week by week program I was cautious, aware and most importantly less stressed out. I knew what tests to go through and Steve always looked forward to your advice to the father..

Proud mom of a healthy baby- Rachel Schwimmer
Now that I think about it, I don't know what I would have done without the valuable info your guide gave me. Mine was an unplanned pregnancy and I was already a little stressed when I found out but thanks to each and every word which gave me loads of knowledge which frankly I had no clue about.
The moment the doctor said that I have had a healthy baby girl, I wish I cud have thanked you right there and then.

Chelsea Paige Putterman
Every week I've looked forward to seeing what I might expect to happen in the near future and I marveled at all the little details to know about our son. We were literally addicted to each week's update with a whole new chapter of our little Darryn. I so wish you had a similar guide on how to raise a baby.

Judith M.
From the very first step, your guide helped me know so many things like I never knew what kind of doctor an obstetrician was, let alone the difference between a gynecologist and obstetrician. My blood sugar level was around 180 mg/DL and if it wasn't for the symptoms mentioned in your guide I would not have gone for a timely test for gestational diabetes. Thankfully, I controlled it by diet and exercise.

Aileen Faherty Lloyd
The knowledge provided in your program about placenta previa helped me take proper bed rest and get it treated in time. Since I was still working when it happened, if I had not known that I should be resting now, then it would only gotten worse and the doctor too was pleased to learn about my awareness.

Michelle Saunders
You have no idea how many confusions and problems your guide solved for me. Firstly, thanks for being so honest by bringing out the good and the bad without sugarcoating it like everyone else. I found out about your guide while I was three months pregnant with Noah and frankly every experience seemed more terrifying than how my friends and family had described it to me. But, thankfully your guide explained everything in simple, direct and sensitive method that after my 9th week I was prepared for what was coming next.

Genevieve and Jerry Vanderbilt
Thanks for helping me guide through my first pregnancy. Your tips on “pregnancy for a dad' helped Jerry know what he must be doing and helped him understand my mood swings. We both looked forward each Monday on what was going to follow next. Moreover, I understood my contractions well and my labor bag was well prepared when my water broke so it took us just 10 minutes to reach our doctor. I wish I could mention every little thing your guide helped me survive but I am sure that would take ages. Last but not the least, I am following the tips to lose weight and have so far lost 6 lbs. In 2 weeks even though I am constantly with Melissa.

This is just what I was looking for- How much do I pay?

To give you 100% assurance, we are offering you a “Discount”, which means you get the first month's guide for just $4.95.

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